Spring 2015

Presented by the Departments of BiologyChemistry, and Earth and Physical Sciences.

Thursdays at noon, room AC 4M06 (unless otherwise noted).

Image source: Rejwan Ali

February 26th
SPEAKER: Rejwan Ali
Institution: Fordham University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Postdoc in the Mihaly Mezei lab)
Talk Title: Novel drug-GPCR protein Molecular simulations
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

SPEAKER: Deborah E. Williams
Institution: Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, Touro College of Pharmacy
Talk Title: Sustained vincristine sulfate therapy for use in treatment of keloids
Hosted by: Deb N. Chakravarti

March 12th
SPEAKERS: Dr. Andriana Heguy, Director, Genomics Core Facility
Dr. Fengxia Liang, Director, Microscopy Core Facility
Dr. Peter Lopez, Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Institution: Langone Medical Center of New York University
Talk Title: Each one will discuss the methods and applications within their specialty for 20 – 30 min. This will be followed by a broad discussion of the interplay between specialized techniques and the PI-sponsored research projects they help support.
Hosted by: Lou Levinger

Image source: NYU Center for Genomics

March 19th
SPEAKER: Marta Kowalczyk
Institution: Department of ChemistryBrookhaven National Laboratory
Talk Title: New Water Oxidation Chemistry of a Seven-Coordinate Ruthenium Complex with a Tetradentate Polypyridyl Ligand
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

April 23rd
SPEAKER: Rocio Cortes
Institution: Associate Editor-Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society Journals
Talk Title: How to publish in a scientific journal and why
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

April 30th
SPEAKER: Simon Møller
Institution: Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Research, Professor, Biological SciencesSt John’s University
Talk Title: Exploring the complexity of neurodegeneration using multiple models
Hosted by: Emmanuel Chang

May 7th
Student Practice Talks for NY ACS URS/Student Research Presentations
SPEAKERS: Nia Rene (Mentor: Daniel Robie); Manjeet Kaur, Abbas Nazir (Mentor: Emmanuel Chang)
Institution: York College
Hosted by: All Mentors


This seminar series provides an opportunity to foster the engagement of faculty, students and staff in the scientific enterprise and to cultivate an environment of intellectual discourse and growth by promoting interaction between scientists at every level. ALL ARE WELCOME. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED.

All seminars will be on Tuesdays at noon in room AC-4M06 unless otherwise noted. Please contact Dr. Yolanda Small (ysmall@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-2592) or Dr. Shao-Ying Hua (shua@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5256) or Dr. Kevin Lynch (klynch@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5184) for more information.

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