Fall 2019

Presented by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth and Physical Sciences.

Thursdays at 12:00pm, room AC 4M06 (unless otherwise noted).

SPECIAL CAREER DISCUSSION PANEL: Tuesday at 5:00pm, Room 2M04, November 19th
Alumni Return Program: Featuring York College Alumni from the Dept. of Chemistry
Panelist: Lie Ling Jauw, Laboratory Analyst, York Analytical
Panelist: David Laguerre, Quality Control Chemist II , Epic Pharma
Panelist: Gurinder Kaur, Standard Coordinator and Chemist II , Epic Pharma
Panelist: Andre Barella, Teacher , Channel View School for Research
Panelist: Travis Humes, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) student, Chamberlain University
Panelist: Omadevi Somai, Consumer Safety Officer, BioResearch Monitoring Division, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Discussion Title: Careers in Industry with a Science Degree
Hosted by: Catherine Foster

Thursday, November 21st
SPEAKER: Davida S. Smyth PhD
Institution: Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts – TheĀ New School
Talk Title: What bacteria can tell us about survival in the built environment
Hosted by: Catherine Foster

Thursday, December 5that 11:00am, Room 3D01,
SPEAKER: Dr. Zhe-Sheng (Jason) Chen, M.D., PhD
Institution: Professor, Cancer Pharmacology, St. John’s University
Talk Title: “Overcoming ABC transporter-mediated multidrug resistance in cancers”
Hosted by: Zhu Zhou

Tuesday at 12:00pm, Room 3F01g, December 10th
Student Research Presentations
1. Student: Tatiana Derli; Mentor: Yolanda Small; Talk title: Research on Nanoclusters
2. Student: Charisse Capadona; Mentor: Ruel Desamero; Talk title: Research in Raman Spectroscopy
3. Student: Lhencham Sangmo; Mentor: Adam Profit; Talk title: Research in Peptide Synthesis
Hosted by: Faculty Mentors

This seminar series provides an opportunity to foster the engagement of faculty, students and staff in the scientific enterprise and to cultivate an environment of intellectual discourse and growth by promoting interaction between scientists at every level. ALL ARE WELCOME. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED.

All seminars will be on Thursdays at noon in room AC-4M06 unless otherwise noted. Please contact Dr. Yolanda Small (ysmall@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-2592) for more information.

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