Spring 2014

Presented by the Departments of BiologyChemistry, and Earth and Physical Sciences.

Image source:Yosra Badiei

Thursdays at noon, room AC 4M06 (unless otherwise noted).

February 13th CANCELLED
SPEAKER: Yosra Badiei
Institution: Department of Chemistry, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Talk Title: Towards More Efficient Solar Fuels: Water Oxidation with a Low-Energy Molecular Pathway and CO2 Hydrogenation with Earth-Abundant Catalysts
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

February 27th CANCELLED
SPEAKER: Ales Vancura
Institution: Department of Biology, St. John’s University
Talk Title: Metabolism and Epigenetics
Hosted by: Ivica Arsov

Image source:Provost Lecture Series 2014

March 6th
SPEAKER: Emmanuel Chang
Institution: York College and The Graduate Center
Talk Title: A New Mechanism for Control of HIV Reverse Transcriptase
Hosted by: The Provost Lecture Series (ROOM: 2M05)

March 13th
SPEAKER: Jerry Chang
Institution: The Rockefeller University, Greengard Laboratory
Talk Title: A biophysical tour de force, quantum dot-based single molecule imaging for molecular neuroscience
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

March 27th
SPEAKER: Benjamin Ortiz
Institution: Department of Biology, Hunter College – CUNY
Talk Title: Gene regulation using Locus Control Regions (LCR)
Hosted by: Ivica Arsov

April 10th
SPEAKER: Daniel Robie and Jean Grassman
Institution: Department of Chemistry, York College CUNY and Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College CUNY
Talk Title: Dioxin in Viet Nam 40 Years After the American War
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

May 8th
Student Practice Talks/Student Research Presentations
Institution: York College
Hosted by: All Mentors


This seminar series provides an opportunity to foster the engagement of faculty, students and staff in the scientific enterprise and to cultivate an environment of intellectual discourse and growth by promoting interaction between scientists at every level. ALL ARE WELCOME. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED.

All seminars will be on Thursday at noon in room AC-4M06 unless otherwise noted. Please contact Dr. Yolanda Small (ysmall@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-2592) or Dr. Shao-Ying Hua (shua@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5256) or Dr. Kevin Lynch (klynch@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5184) for more information.

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