Fall 2017

Presented by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth and Physical Sciences.

Thursdays at noon, room AC 4M05 (unless otherwise noted).

Tuesday, August 29th
SPEAKER: Dr. Donna McGregor
Institution: Assistant Professor, Analytical Inorganic Chemistry, Lehman College CUNY
Talk Title: Strategies for flipped classrooms and supporting at-risk chemistry students
Hosted by: Yolanda Small

Thursday, October 12th
SPEAKER: Dr. Rinat Abzalimov
Institution: Research Assistant Professor,  Structural Biology Initiative CUNY ASRC
Talk Title: “Mass Spectrometry in Structural Biology: protein structure and dynamics”
Hosted by: Emmanuel Chang

Thursday, November 2nd  at 12 pm in ROOM 4E07
SPEAKER: Dr. Kelly Ruggles
Institution: Assistant Professor, Computational Biology, NYU
Talk Title: “Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Cancer using Proteogenomics”
Hosted by: Emmanuel Chang

Tuesday, December 5th
Student Research Presentations
1. Student: Hong Zhang; Mentor: Yolanda Small; Talk title: Summer Research at Brookhaven National Lab
2. Student: TBA; Mentor: TBA
3. Student: TBA; Talk title: TBA
4. Student: TBA; Mentor: TBA
5. Student: TBA; Mentor: TBA; Project title: TBA
Hosted by: Faculty Mentors (Room 4M05 at 12:00pm)

This seminar series provides an opportunity to foster the engagement of faculty, students and staff in the scientific enterprise and to cultivate an environment of intellectual discourse and growth by promoting interaction between scientists at every level. ALL ARE WELCOME. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED.

All seminars will be on Tuesdays at noon in room AC-4M05 unless otherwise noted. Please contact Dr. Francois Fayl (ffay@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-2651) or Dr. Shao-Ying Hua (shua@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5256) or Dr. Kevin Lynch (klynch@york.cuny.edu, 718-262-5184) for more information.

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